The blissful bubble of the Facebook algorithm

Today the UK made what I believe is a terrible mistake: it voted to leave the European Union. Sad, scared and angry are just three of the emotions I’ve been struggling with today, and I’m sure there’s more to come. […]

Starting up: a stab in the dark

Oh My Word! designs in progress

It was on January 31st 2016 that Oh My Word! became a thing. For my partner and I at least. Before then, it had been just a basic app used by friends and family, and before that it was just an […]

8 pictures of Lalibela, Ethiopia

Bete Giyorgis, Lalibela, Ethiopia

Sitting at 2630m above sea level and with a population of around 15,000 people, the small town of Lalibela is home to Ethiopia’s biggest tourist attraction: 11 rock-hewn churches, dating from the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. Carved from the rock […]

Freedom at 4AM

The short film below shows some fascinating images of Afghanistan, shot by a dear friend and colleague of mine, Marc Perry. Marc was held hostage in his accommodation in Kabul, Afghanistan in 2013, and this film marks the release of the book that tells […]

When I was young I caught a bug

Elephant in Amboseli National Park, Kenya

A love affair; an obsession; an addiction. Whatever you want to call it you may, but most of us know it as the “travel bug”. Here’s how I got mine… When I was young, maybe seven or eight years old, […]

I love New York. But I love London more.

Quintessential New York City

Perhaps it’s because I was pouring over a love-letter from an Englishman while sitting on the bus to the airport. Or maybe it’s because I’d not seen a salad in a week and my body craved home-cooked health food. Either […]

Let’s celebrate International Women’s Day 2015

The Women of Umoja, Kenya

I was disheartened to wake up on International Women’s Day 2015 to see my Twitter feed littered with negative statistics on why gender inequality is still an issue for women today. While I don’t deny that this is a pressing […]

A tale of two churches

Religious establishments around the world make for some of the best tourist attractions. From the towering temples of Tamil Nadu in India to the elaborate halls of the Vatican, thousand of visitors pass through various holy doors around the world […]