Starting up: a stab in the dark

Oh My Word! designs in progress

It was on January 31st 2016 that Oh My Word! became a thing. For my partner and I at least. Before then, it had been just a basic app used by friends and family, and before that it was just an abstract thought.

On that fateful day in January, we finally decided to make it – this Chrome extension that allows users to save words they come across online to a personal dictionary – something for the public to use. We decided, I suppose, to start it up. Therefore, I guess it became a start-up.

As just a two-man (and woman) team, it was all up to us. We worked on the usability, the design (thanks Stu James for the logo), talked about future plans for the product and set up social media accounts and a content site.

Oh My Word! designs in progress
How this scribble from my phone became a simple but beautiful website, I’ll never know. That’s all down to Latn.

I became de facto social media and content manager and accidental designer. Latn was the web developer and all-round creator of crazy ideas. In just two weeks, between the two of us, we managed to produce our first MVP (minimum viable product): the Oh My Word! Chrome extension.

Now, just over two months on, it’s a brand, a Chrome extension, a content site and an Android mobile app (still in testing, mind).

In the beginning, we picked out arbitrary goals and numbers. By the end of 2016’s first quarter we wanted  500 users on the extension. I thought we were being ambitious and somewhat optimistic that people would react so positively to this concept.

But as it turns out, we have, in our spare hours alongside full-time jobs, created something people are using on a daily basis.

The numbers

In just two months we now have 468 active users on the extension, we’ve gained 181 Twitter followers and have 153 Facebook likes. Over 80 people have asked to be kept up to date with our app and content news, and over 750 people have visited our website with a four minutes average time on site.

While we didn’t quite hit my (possibly over zealous) target, these are all very attractive stats. So I’m going to chalk this up as a win.

We’ve taken a small break from the rapid production of the app that happened at the beginning of this year, but now I’m getting back on the Oh My Word! wagon and you’ll probably see a lot more content coming through our social media accounts.

Head here to download the extension, and read some word-nerd content here. Follow Oh My Word! on Twitter here, and check in with us on Facebook here